KiwiQuads Drone Racing Starter Kit


Paired with a KiwiQuads controller and FPV Headset, the KiwiQuads Starter Kit is the ultimate introduction to Drone Racing. We've packed everything you need to get started into an exclusive kit and thrown in a bunch of extras too!

KiwiQuads Drone

Radio Controller

Real-time FPV Goggles

Loads More!

Fantasic Features

No smartphone required

20ms Instant Video Transmission

Level/Acro Flight Modes
3 Speed Rates
FPV Training Guide

Customize Your KiwiQuad Experience

Personalize your Quad with tonnes of accessories. We stock everything you need to make it your own with new parts coming out all the time. View our range of chargers, propellers, batteries and more below.

Propeller sets

Upgraded Chargers

Colour Packs

Powerful Batteries

Ultra Immersive Video

The 65mm Class KiwiQuad is equipped with a 25mW video transmitter capable of transmitting real-time on up to 48 different frequencies. Our ultra light camera design allows the quad to remain lightweight while delivering exceptional video quality.

Precise Control

The KiwiQuads Starter Kit Controller was carefully designed to allow a small yet comfortable handset suitable for anyone to use. It features a coloured LED to show what rate is active and provides audio feedback on each mode change.

Race Ready

Our software was extensively tested to ensure our PID loop configuration and filters are optimum for flying and racing. Unlike other micro quadcopters, our quads do not suffer from oscillations even when using LiHV batteries.